Complete HW/SW Systems & Services Provided By SIS

 Services are,

  • 2 D / 3D Design
  • 2D / 3D Modeling
  • Dei & Mold Making for VPC Casting, Injection, Die casting, Stamping, …
  • 2D / 3D CNC & Laser Engraving ,
  • Laser Cutting & CNC Routing,
  • 2D / 3D Scanning Services – STL files,
  • Printing & Cutting , Tags, Labels…..Displays for various applications,


Hardware Software Systems Provided By SIS

  • Various Types of Desk Top and Industrial Laser & CNC Machines – Complete Solutions
  • Variety of small and large format Printing,  Plotting, and Cutting Systems for Vinyl, PVC,  Cardboards, Wood, …Metal for Sign & Graphics, Interior Design & Decoration………Using Plotter / Cutters, Eco, UV, Die Sublimation, Laser &Thermal Printers….Router , Kiss Cutters,
  • Micro Machining & Drilling, 3D Relief of objects and textures for various applications….
  • Providing complete 3D Scanning Solutions for Various applications 7 Industries, Coin Relief, Dental, Tile and Textile texturing, providing STL files for Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering , CNC Milling and Laser Sintering….Other Industrial and Art & Crafts applications.
  • Vacuum Pressure Casting Systems for Dental, Jewelry and Industrial applications, Including, Wax Injector, Investment Mixer, Burnout Furnaces and VPC – Casting machines, Desk Top Single Phase and Professional Industrial applications up to and over 50 Kg capacity.


Consultation & System Integration for Various applications and Industries

Providing  Complete Design & Manufacturing Lin for Gold & Jewelry

  • Providing Complete HW/SW Systems for Dental CAD/CAM
  • Complete HW/SW Systems for Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering applications.
  • Providing modern work shop technology along with factory set up for Coin Relief & Stamping projects,
  • Providing complete HW/SW Systems for Fabrication , material processing, for small and large scale projects using, large format CNC Routers , Water Jet & Laser Cutters, ….. for Architectural, Building Decoration, Air Port , Shopping Malls…..
  • Consultation, System Integration, Installation and Advance Training and full support of the whole HW/SW Systems provided for the applications used

Training Courses  & Facilities of for The whole systems proposed by SIS

  • Training Courses proposed for 2S / 3D Engraving , Design & MFG Systems , Including, CAD (Drafting) and 2D/3D Design , Surface and Solid Modeling, CAD/CAM, RE, RP and System Integration for various applications and Industries , ….
  • Basic and Advance Training Courses for 2D / 3D Engraving for special applications, like Coin Relief projects, Fine Engraving on Jewelry Stones, Micro Engraving and Cutting on Hard Metals and Materials like Diamond…
  • Training Courses for Gold & Jewelry applications like Casting, Finishing, Welding, and of course Jewelry Design using Matix, Rhino, ArtCAM, Type 3…..
  • Training Courses for Wax modeling and very fine Milling process using 3 t0 5 Axis Desk Top CNC Machines as well as RP Systems – Additive Manufacturing …
  • Training Courses , covering Computer Graphics, used for Sing and Graphics including Printing and Plotting Techniques, Print & Cut used for Heat Transfer and Die Sublimations applications, CNC & Laser Cutting of displays used for Window and Street Singes,
  • Bill boards, Show Stands and decoration….
  • Training Courses for How to use modern HW/SW for the whole applications and Industries proposed in above, how to use and maintain Modern Machines and Equipments Like Laser Marking, Engraving, Cutting, Drilling, Welding …Desk Top and Shop Floor CNC ,machines, 3 t0 5 Axis used for various applications…….


After Sales Services and Maintenance Provided By SIS

  • Maintain One year Warrantee and full support of after sales services of all HW/SW Systems provided by SIS.
  • Design and Replace special parts and pieces not included in the Warrantee Scheme.
  • Providing On line support and trouble shooting for the whole systems installed all over our market, by Tel or video conference…
  • Providing dull support at customer site in regular scheme for at least 4 times during tye one year warrantee period.
  • Educating all customers how to make good use of the HW/SW Systems and providing user guids in local language for all systems and correct way of handling and transpiration of the HW.SW systems in use.
  • Consultation and educating customer the mew PM Systems , and make sure systems proposed are in operation in order to keep our customers happy in making good use of the entire systems in use.