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ABOUT US  SIS – System Integration Services

Novin Sakht SIS with over 30 years of professional back round in Industrial development have been very active providing Total HW/SW Solutions for various applications and Industries using the most modern and advance Hardware / Software technology available Worldwide in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM, Rapid Prototyping, , Reverse Engineering, Rapid Casting,  Dental  CAD/CAM Systems …….along with most modern tools and materials used for Engineering Applications, Design to MFG all over Iran for the following Industries and applications,  Automotive & Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries, Power Plants, Steel Mills, Tool & Die Shops, Mold Making, Modern Work Shops, Cold and Hot forging plants, Sing & Graphics, Gold & Jewelry, Digital Dentistry,

Textile & Packaging applications……plus others.

SIS has been working very close with most famous companies all over the World who are providing high tech and high quality HW/SW Technology to support all applications and Industries pointed out in above , Companies like, MSC for simulation, UG, PTC, SDRS for CAD/CAM , ……Universal Laser , DWS RP Systems for Jewelry, Dental and Industrial applications, Roland DG , Computer Graphics , for color and 3D applications, AXYZ & ARISTO Graphics large routers , SUPERMAX, for Dental CAD/CAM, Matrix,ArtCAM, Rhino, Type 3  for Jewelry and 3D projection as well as Coin Relief projects. SiroLaser, Schultheis, wissner ….from Germany . OPERA, Dental CAD/CAM Solutions using Dental Wing high quality 3D Scanners and Software solutions. Wissner high quality advanced 5 Axis CNC machines for Dental Lab applications, advanced milling center for high quality and performance processing up to 30 various types of Dental material blocks like Zirconium, CrCo….over night and weekends nonstop  machining process  along with Materials and tools used , Plus many other famous companies which you may see in our web site.

All applications we are using are Open Architecture and have full support by our very well educated and experienced ream of engineers  who provide high quality local support .

We are covering almost any 2D/3D Engraving  applications and specific projects for various applications and  industries using Laser or CNC machine along with their related HW/SW Systems for every applications. As a matter of fact SIS is number on e in very unique and specialized applications related to 2D / 3D Engraving , specially in Coin Relief projects using high quality and very accurate 3D scanners, along with customized Software for 2D to 3D Projection and 3D modeling of very fine 3D Relief of Coin models , and using Very advance CNC milling machines for direct machining of the 3D Projection on Stamping HS with fine quality.

We customize all solution Taylor made to suit customer requirement. Our major activities are in the following applications and Industries. Automotive and Aerospace, Power Plants and Steel Mills, Oil & Gas, & Petrochemical Industries ,  Gold & Jewelry, Dental Labs, and related applications. Sign & Graphics, Arts &  Crafts – Digital Solutions.

We cover Computer Graphics as a whole supplying, all types of Printer, Plotters, Cutters, Routers … CNC & LASER marking, engraving , cutting, routing and 2D/3D Modeling machines ,  for sign and graphics, advertizing, Arts and Crafts, Packaging and related industries.

We participate all trade shows related to applications and Industries we work with, you can see some example of our works and shows we have participate as well as good examples of current modern technologies World Wide displayed for

Visitors at various shows through Europe.

Hope the information given in our web side will up date you with our activities and our business partners who are providing most advanced   technology World Wide . We are at your complete disposal for any further detail product and price information. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than please to help and support you any aspect related to our activities.